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21 Aug 2014
Symptoms may be associated with impaired function of the gland. Although enlargement of the thyroid gland itself does not affect its function. Usually the opposite - thyroid dysfunction causes its increase. What threatens the enlargement of the thyroid gland? Due to the increasing size of the prostate, it puts pressure on neighboring organs, so it can be disrupted by the process of breathing, swallowing, may change or disappear altogether voice affects the appearance of the patients especially when a large goiter, a person is literally disfigured.

If the increase in the size accompanied by a decrease or an increase in function of the gland, then sooner or later there will be changes in the cardiovascular system (tachycardia or bradycardia, increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels). The nervous system also reacts to problems with the thyroid gland.

Develops instability, tearfulness, could be depression. The most dangerous consequence of thyroid enlargement, accompanied by Hyperthyroidism - thyrotoxic crisis sharp release of thyroid hormones can be life-threatening.  Effective treatment of symptomatic enough funds, it is best to find out why the thyroid gland increases. Knowing the cause, it is easier to cope with the disease. Symptoms of thyroid cancer

- How can you recognize? Malignant tumors can affect any organ, not the exception, and the thyroid gland. Glandular epithelium cells can degenerate into cancer and begin uncontrolled division. Developing cancer - cancer of the thyroid gland, the symptoms for a long time may go undetected. Most often ill women aged 20-45 years, six times more often than men.


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